Running cisco in a virtual pen test lab

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      The New LT72884

      Ello all again. It has been 30 seconds since i have posted haha. Anyway. I am wanting to discuss some lab scenarios.

      A little back ground first. In 2007/2008 i finished up all my CCNA and CCNP classes, received my RHCT and then got a bachelors in Network engineering. In 2010, i started again in school for a bachelors in Mechanical engineering and math SO all my CCNA and CCNP stuff went to back burner. However, i am now wanting to review it and try out some configs for my virtual lab.

      I have packet tracer installed and also gns3. Here is my goal. Past labs i have built all involved everything on same lan. Now its time to evolve it a bit and throw in some routers and split the network up a bit.

      There is a pic of it. All the routers will either have eigrp or ospf. Then i will have pfsense fw in there as well to filter. I am not going to setup acl’s on the routers yet. This will all be done in gns3 but then i have to link the vmplayer to gns3 somehow. The hardest part is linking the pf sense fw inbetween the router and other vm’s haha.

      Backtrack will be in and the other vms on the OTHER side will have the same private space. This will also train me how to handle that type of issue when both private networks seperated by “wans” have same space.

      Anyone have exp with this or know of another way to simulate routers in vmplayer? I do want to use a routing protocol, preferably dynamic like ospf so i can gain a review of it. thanks.

      I dont need help with teh router config. I know how to do that. What i need help with is getting all the vms to work with gns3 and before i configure the firewall, be able to get a ping accross haha. Thanks

      Maybe there is an easier way but im not sure. I just want to start adding more stuff to the lab and plus it gives me a chance to review my ccnp stuff. haha

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      I did a similar configuration last year and if I am not wrong in gns3 you can take a virtual interface from Virtual box and link it to network inside gns3

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      Like impelse said, just bridge GNS3 to an interface on your system, which can be a virtual interface:

      All you need to do is dual-home your pfSense VM and connect one interface to the GNS3 network and the other to your internal virtual network with all your servers, desktops, etc.

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      The New LT72884

      awesome thanks for the input. i have all the routers configured with eigrp. That was not to bad. No acl’s im not that good at hacking yet. I still have not completly beatin de-ice lvl 1. i mean i understand what to do but still wanting to learn how to think the way an attacker would. i mean, its simple to configure routers and switches, but when one goes done or something minor happens that causes big issues, thats where my weakness is haha.

      ill try to finish up this week and post about the lab and maybe make a video on it. it will be a long vid but hey, haha


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