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      Anyone here attending and/or Speaking?  This will be my first time going and I am hoping to get MY money’s worth.  I have the tentative schedule down and only like one talk locked in since my friend is on the panel.  

      Anyway just wondering, maybe meet up or visit your talks.  

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      Don Donzal

      RSA Conference 2012
      Feb 27 – March 2, 2012
      San Francisco, CA

      As an infosec professional, you dedicate yourself to providing hacker-proof security for networks, mobile devices and beyond. Attending RSA® Conference 2012 will help you keep that commitment.

      Come strengthen your 2012 strategy with the latest information from industry leaders, including a global perspective from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his closing keynote address.

      Important tracks and timely sessions

      – Security Trends Track: Get current on emerging technology/business trends and market maneuvers and how they impact business. Topics include non-implementation issues, financing, systems integration and coming changes in the IT security ecosystem.
      – A Timeline of Disaster: Learn about the wide-ranging scams that rose to the surface after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, including a variety of 419 scam emails.
      – ChromeOS vs. iCloud—a New Frontier in Security Challenges: With the rollouts of Google’s ChromeOS and Apple’s iCloud come new security challenges for cloud-centric platforms. Learn how these new technologies are squaring off against attacks


      Moscone Center
      747 Howard Street
      San Francisco, CA 94103-3118
      (415) 974-4000

      For more info:


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      Not speaking, but I’ll be there  8)

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      ok so this was my first time here.  My friend called me an expo newb.  But unlike him I had to pay to come so you know what, I will spend the 5-10 mins of talking to get a free t-shirt or win some cool prize.

      As for the talks, well I must have chosen wrong.  So far the content I have gotten at Security B-Sides has been much better than what I have seen here.  It is tough to choose since there could be 15 talks per session block, plus Keynotes and 3 Peer2Peer Sessions per time block.  Some of the talks could have been better, but the presenters were lacking.

      I have yet to attend a party, Monday night I spent most of it being sick in my room which sucked.  So I missed the pre-expo show and the welcome dinner. 

      Crypto Commons was a cool place.  Low light, areas to get hard wired in and re-charge the batteries.  It also had the Keynotes playing live.  Much nicer than having to funnel in and get a bag checked.  Also nice comfy seating.

      The Expo was huge.  So much to see but I did try to swing by the smaller booths to see what the little guys had.  Swung by Bit9 and frankly that was one of the more impressive products on the floor.  For those that don’t know what they do, they offer an application whitelisting product.  They have a number of other products, but this one seemed to be the one to stand out.  It is their Global Software Registry.  It contains over 5 billion records of software with their corresponding MD5 hashes.  One of the toughest things to do is whitelist the software in your environment.  This is mostly due to the amount of different apps in use and all the linked apps that may get called during operation.  If you have ever tried to do this with your Endpoint Security suite, you know it is a royal PITA between the logging and tweaking.  Anyway that one stuck out for product.  There is also a Sumo Wrestler fighting a giant robot while driving race cars.  Ok, not really, they are all here, but not together.  That would be cool though.

      Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for talks, catching one with Paul Asadoorian and John Strands, their Offensive Countermeasures talk.  Not sure what other talks or Peer2Peer sessions I will hit tomorrow. 

      With all the stuff to do here, I would certainly go again, but I would not go on my own dime again.  The content value is definitely better at the smaller cons.

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      I’ve never attended the talks at RSA (other than keynotes) but I think the conference is somewhat about talks and a lot more about the vendor expo.  I just got back from two days worth of walking around, shaking hands, looking at new products, getting demos, collecting brochures and shirts, etc..  Good times.  It gets a lot more crowded when the alcohol starts being handed out around 3 in the afternoon.

      I think BSides or Black Hat / Defcon is probably more interesting from a talks / presentation perspective.

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