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    So I will be taking my RHCE next Friday in Dallas. Anyone with experience with RH exams want to share tips/tricks for taking the exam (i.e. time saving tricks) or study methods?

    By the way, Redhat is offering access to a virtual lab environment in increments of 1 week for $249 which isn’t all that expensive at all. I will be taking advantage of it!

    Thanks in advance!

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    review the following:
    –  Troubleshooting the bootloader
    –  DNS setup

    I”ll pm you what I got .

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    Can’t give you any tips on this one, but wish you good luck. Let us know how it went.

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    Woohoo!!! I passed!

    I had forgotten from taking my RHCT a year ago how intimidating the test can be when you first sit down and look at all the tasks you have to complete…

    That being said…once you actually start doing the tasks, they seem to get easier and easier….

    Anyone considering the RHCE or RHCT, I would say if you feel comfortable on the command-line and you can find information in man pages/reading config file comments quickly, you will do fine provided you know how to configure the basics without help. (You just don’t have time to spend all your time looking at man pages.)

    Thanks all for your well-wishes!!!

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    Way to go ziggy_567.  Congrats and well done!

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