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      Hey guys,

        We’ve had a confidential document exposed (not by us, but a third party) and is now available on Google and other search engines if you search the right keywords.  I know you can contact most search engines and have them remove the link and any cached data of the file they may have. 

      Anything else I’m missing?

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      oh, and we obviously asked the third party to remove from their website and determine how it got exposed in the first place.

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      Hi CadillacGolfer,

      The document is no more a confidential Document as it is publically available on the internet (as long as it is not removed).

      Report the issue to the Risk Management team, check the risk analysis carried out on the confidential document(s) (if any) and take corrective and preventive action so that the risk is mitigated and the same mistake is not repeated in future.

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      Might want to try to get access to their web logs to see if it was accessed, by whom, and how many times.

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      Also don’t forget the wayback machine:

      Once a document has been exposed like this, you can never be sure that its really gone, even if it is taken down. This is the nature of publishing things on the internet and can definitely be a two edged sword.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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