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    Currently got frustrated with PSexec which fails on Windows 2008 server for remote deployment.
    looking for free remote deployment tools which work on multiple Microsoft platforms…

    Suggestions pls…


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    PsExec should still work on Windows Server 2008, although if UAC is enabled it’ll change the way you run PsExec.

    What is the problem you are having?

    Windows Powershell can also be used for remote installs.

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    I am trying to deploy the registry settings on windows 2008 server remotely..
    While executing thru PSEXEC from any windows xp or 2008 server it shows access denied…

    created a batch file as below

    @echo on
    net use p: \x.x.x.xfoldername
    copy p:xyz.reg c:
    reg import c:xyz.reg
    net use p: /delete

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    Assuming you have an up to date version of PsExec.

    If you try running PsExec from an elevated cmd prompt (using administrative credentials for the remote system) and use the -h parameter do you still get access denied?

    -h         If the target system is Vista or higher, has the process
              run with the account's elevated token, if available.

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    If all you’re doing is registry changes, just use group policy:

    That’s much easier to manage.

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    @ajohnson wrote:

    If all you’re doing is registry changes, just use group policy:

    That’s much easier to manage.


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    My approach for GPO was primary but due to mix environment of servers ( Windows 2003, 2008) in same OU which is making tough time..
    My only target is windows 2008.. also i am using psexec 1.98 version.


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    Ah, maybe try WMI filtering then:

    That might help if all the target systems share a common attribute.

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    Tried appying WMI filter on GPO for windows 2008 platforms
    Please help me to verify the below query is incorrect

    Select * from Win32_operatingsystem Where (caption Like “microsoft Windows server 2008%)
    Select * from Win32_operatingsystem where version like “6.1%” and (producttype = “1” or producttype = “3”)


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    select * from Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Caption LIKE "%Server 2008%"

    ProductType 1 is for Client OS, If you’re targeting Domain Controllers (2) and Member Servers (3):

    select * from Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version LIKE "6.1%" AND ( ProductType = "2" or ProductType = "3" )

    The above can be shortened to:

    select * from Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version LIKE "6.1%" and ProductType  "1"

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