reading "File System Forensic Analysis"..I have questions.

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      This book is very detailed, at least to me…I don’t know if this is a beginner book? But I have some questions.

      It’s taking a while to get through the book because I’m taking notes, but is it okay if some of the concepts are kind of over my head? I’m reading about the details of extended partitions, and half way through..I’m like whaaaat? I’m grasping about 90% of the material but sometimes I try to re-read the section 3-4 times, and I’m still lost…it might be the jargon..I dont know.

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      This is a very hard book to get through without a very strong file system background. Some of the information is really at the level of a full time dedicated lab. There are areas that you won’t get into without some very expensive equipment. The concepts are valuable, but you may want to start with a book about the file system operation before you learn the forensics. Might be a more logical progression for getting the information that you are seeking.

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      What books would you recommend first?

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      I haven’t read this myself, but I’ve seen favorable things about this book lately:

      That might be a more accessible starting place.

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      I read that book about 3 weeks ago and even posted a book review for it as well.

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