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      I recently created a Pen Testing lab on an ESXI host at home. Currently I have the Metasploitable and the OWASP Broken Web Application images. Are there any others I should be aware of? I guess for that matter, what do you experienced pen testers do to lab at home?

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      M0wgli, do you use a lab at home? What’s your approach to learning?

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      I guess it all depends on your interests and level of knowledge. Are you more interested in Web App / Network pentesting, or maybe exploit dev etc. ?
      Besides the mentioned resources also try to include some windows targets in your environment ( win xp, win server 2000 etc.). One great book that walks you through building a lab and teaches you the fundamentals of pentesting is Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking, which was reviewed on EH-Net.

      For Linux exploitation you can try Exploit Exercises,
      as well as Corelan for Windows exploit writing.

      Hope this helps and gives you an idea to move forward ! Best of luck !

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      Have a look at this, if you’re wanting to setup more ‘pre-built’ labs / images for practice. I found a few that were invalid links, before, but for the most part, they were all good.

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      At this time my interest is in the Network Penetration side. I want to eventually expand, but only after I have a good grasp on Network pen testing.

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