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      i m new to hacking..nd i don’t know where to begin from….i know a little about computers….
      plz tell me where to start????????????

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      Welcome to You’ll find a lot of like minded people here and a lot of answers to the same question you are asking. Start by searching the forums, you’ll find that most people suggest one or more of the following:

      • Learn all you can about computers
      • Learn to program
      • Read, read, read.

      There are a lot of good resources out there. There’s blogs to read, videos to watch (try and podcasts to listen to. Ask questions, learn and listen. Above all keep it safe and legal.


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      Like how new?  What are your interests?  What do you want to accomplish in the realm of hacking?  Want to see how things tick so you can make them better or learn their weak points?  Its a great wide world out there.

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      @3xban….lets say i wan’t to start from scratch… where to begin….
      @jimbob….which languge should i learn first??????

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      Start with the top two stickies in this forum, and also browse through the other topics:,com_smf/Itemid,54/board,22.0/

      This general “How to get started?” has been answered many times already. We can provide much better direction if you take some time to, do some research, and ask more specific questions.

      If you really only know a little about computers at this point, you should probably set hacking/pen testing as a long-term goal. You need to develop a good a solid understanding of systems, networking, and applications. Try coming up with more manageable goals, so you don’t burn yourself out and/or become discouraged. For example, start by focusing on obtaining your CCNA and landing a network admin job.

      Python or Ruby would be good languages to start with. You can find crash courses in both here: and there have been many other good resources posted elsewhere in the forums if you’re interested.

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      If you know little about computers, you’re looking at a couple of years at least, of studying. It’s a field that draws from other related fields such as programming and network/system administration. If you’re weak in those areas, you’ll get frustrated and won’t make much progress. No foundation = poor results. Don’t just read, do it. Set up your own network, write some programs, and so on. Nothing beats experience.

      There are free online courses offered by places such as and that can get you started, and of course, plenty of videos and tutorials online.

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