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      I noticed that this topic isn’t on this forum so I decided to share.

      This is actually pretty old news, in January, after working for 5 weeks GeoHot found a way to circumvent the hypervisor in the PS3.
      Last month he released the exploit for it and on April 1st Sony disabled the OtherOS feature.

      I think this topic is invaluable to us in a lot of ways.
      I’m interested in hearing your guys comments on these range of issues.

      1) The technical details. How the exploit works (I don’t understand the PPC architecture + proprietary sony/ibm hypervisor), how it provides total control of the hardware etc.

      2) The PS3 was considered the most secure console on the market, with an infamous reputation for being “unhackable” yet this guy did what other groups have tried to do for years in 5 weeks. Amazing stuff how this guy was able to deduce how to hack the OtherOS.

      3) The ethics issues surrounding this exploit. Should he have released it? Etc

      4) Sony’s decision to disable a key feature of their console the “OtherOS” which allows the ps3 to run linux. All in a bid to prevent the future possibility of piracy. Is it ethical for a company to take a feature away?

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      How he did is is complete jibberish to me tbh. Seriously, I wish I was an engineer (I should be one but still 😉 )

      If anyone has a nice way of explaining it, please don’t hold back! 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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