Professional Penetration Testing – Book problems?

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      Started this in other, since to me it is. Sorry if wrong spot.

      I got Professional Penetration Testing for my birthday (next weekend). I started reading it last night. And the first 8 pages have decided they wanted to fall out.

      Looking at the side, it looks like there may be problems with a few more sections of the book later.

      I was wondering if anyone had their book fall apart while they were reading it?

      I’ll probably hit up amazon support to try and get a replacement.

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      This has never happened to me – but I have gotten a book from amazon with pages that’ve been torn near the top. Was a cheap book for an online college class so I didn’t care to get a replacement.

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      I had a book from them fall apart before. Packt Books Xen book.

      That one completely fell apart, but I wasn’t impressed with it. Don’t know if the errata I submitted ever showed up.

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      I purchased this book from Amazon as well and I am having the same problem with the beginning of the book falling apart.  I have purchased many books from Amazaon and have never had this problem.  I’m about half way through and no other pages are showing signs of falling apart.

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      I’m having a problem just like this with a book I bought. I figured it was from the heat and humidity of reading it on the beach, but maybe Amazon is getting some bad books?

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      @DavidW my copy only has 2 “tabs” holding it in right now, at the bottom of the book

      @partek happens.

      My biggest worry at this point is getting another book from amazon with it doing the same thing.

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      @chrisj wrote:

      @DavidW my copy only has 2 “tabs” holding it in right now, at the bottom of the book

      Mine is getting there but I just try to put the page back the best I can and be extra gentle so it doesn’t get worst.

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      I have 5 books from “Syngress”, the editor of “Professional Penetration Testing”.

      It is funny, I too lost pages 1 to 8 from “Professional Penetration Testing”! The other 4 books are fine.

      Humm, interesting…

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      My guess would be they have a new bindery since the Professional Penetration Testing book is pretty new…

      I have a number of Syngress books, and I have never had a problem like that. Times are tough lately, and everyone’s trying to find ways to save money….it sounds like maybe they’re trying to cut costs…

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      Since I’m on vacation this week, I’ll try pinging Syngress directly and see what they say, I’ll pass them along to this thread so they can see it.

      I’ll let everyone know what happens.

      (I remember when Steve Jackson Games came out with 4th ed. New binders, and the books literally fell apart. They gave everyone free replacement copies).

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      anyone know where to get BT2?

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      I’ve pointed the binding problem out to the folks at Syngress, hopefully they’ll get it sorted out. If you contact them directly, they’ll likely replace the books for you.

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      Thanks Jason,

      But a few scotch tapes well placed and the book isn’t to bad now… And since my 4 other syngress books are fine, I won’t worry too much.

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      I’d like to bring up the fact that I took the official Heorot course run by the author of the book Professional Penetration Testing.

      Has anyone else here taken this course, or is contemplating taking this course?

      I received this book as a free gift upon signing up for the course. Overall, the course was a major let-down (for me anyway). Thomas Wilhelm (the author) has written a decent book, but his course doesn’t hold water. He relies solely on free and open source distros and tools, then charges a pretty penny for the course access. What you get is a bunch of links to the freely down-loadable distros and Linux tools, you get to watch a few shoddy cam recordings made by the author, and then you are left on your own to challenge the De-Ice discs. Very sub-par offering from Wilhelm. Thus, I got my money back… this course is a major dud.

      Now, as for the book, I thought this was a lot better than the course content, and offers decent walkthroughs of a professional pen-test, as well as useful tips and tricks. Not bad. So far, all pages are intent after an initial thumb-through.

      I would be curious in hearing your guys’ opinion on book and course.


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      Interesting feedback hungrymind..

      I have just signed up for the Hackingdojo class by Tom so am hoping it will be better than your experience with the Heorot course.  Which course did you take by the way?

      Because of the way the Hackingdojo training is structured, I am hoping that it will be a combination between the Heorot course, Professional penetration testing book and Ninja hacking book.  This is due to the weekly meetings and the closer contact we SHOULD have with Tom and other students to help with should help with understanding the concepts and progression.

      Ill be sure to give feedback on hackingdojo once I have started it….

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      Hi T-Bone,

      Sorry for the late reply… I haven’t been receiving notifications of replies, so my apologies.

      I took Pen-Testing Fundamentals, so it is basically the cheapest, lowest level course… but I liked the inclusive of the book in the course price. Still, the course did not deliver on its promises. I say don’t hype it if you can’t back it up. I would have been happier attacking the De-Ice discs on my own or with a friend and would end up learning the same amount.

      This is why I am sticking to self-study for now… but I am eyeing Wayne Burke’s $500 Blended Learning course, however, I have yet to hear back from Wayne and I was told I might receive an CEH exam voucher (I am studying CEH on my own right now). But as it stands right now, that $500 course is no longer looking very useful. I think the really good, high quality course content is beyond the $1,100 mark (I always wondered why that number?). So I think I’ll be leery of courses under that price point… at least for now.

      Thanks for the feedback T-Bone. Do keep me posted 🙂

      aka Hungrymind

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      @hungrymind – $1100?  OSCP is one of the better ones, and is $850…  eLearn’s course is also lower…  There are others…  Not sure where you get a hard line of $1100.

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