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      I downloaded WinHex..and I’m having problems unzipping it. I have the 7- zip file manager installed..I double click setup.exe.. brings me to a blue screen that says WinHex and it asks for the destination folder (I select the folder)..then I push ok and it says “cant find the file specified”?

      What am I doing wrong, I rarely deal with zip files.

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      Hmm, let’s try to rule out the obvious problems.

      Did you extract the contents of the zip file before running setup.exe?

      If you’re using Windows Vista/7, did you try to right-click setup.exe and “Run as administrator”?

      It looks like this has a lot more than just a hex-editor, but I’ve been using Notepad++ with the hex-editor plugin. I suppose I will give this a shot since I’ve got in installed now. 😛

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      For some reason it’s working now, I had 3 different “extracting” options, so I tried all 3 and now it comes up.

      thanks a lot for the help

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      Your issue was installing, not using, so how is it going now? Any problems with the actual operation of the program? You following a course or just doing your own exercises?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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