problem on installing metasploit

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      hi, im newbie here. i got problem. i accidently install 2 metasploit on my iphone, one at root, the other at my sub folder /private/var.. .the metasploit at root is working just fine, while the other got problem fastlib_original_require..
      what should i do? btw how to uninstall one of these? because when i run SET, my metasploit got prob.. my SET is under /private/var..

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      Well, I am not certain whether this can help you.
      Basically, SET contains configuration file in set_config. You could point the reference to metasploit path in this file.

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      Well, considering metasploit doesn’t officially support iPhone deployments, I think you’re going to have to search around to figure it out. Where did you get the package that was installed?

      Personally, I had it installed on an older iOS on my iPhone but didn’t bother with it later on due to keyboard limitations. You’re also likely to have problems with some of the SET features without a mail server.

      On a side note, nice F-18 picture, ambient. My brother-in-law is a F-15E pilot.

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      I agree with you. However, I did some search, I saw some tutorials that show metasploit on iOS.  lavender, did you see one of those?

      As an aside note, BillV, that’s cool.  ;D

Viewing 3 reply threads
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