Prince William IT Security Issue!

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    “Due to an administrative oversight, these photographs were not properly cleared at RAF Valley and the images showed unclassified MoD user names, passwords and computer screens on a restricted system.”

    What were they written down on a post-it note stuck to the screen!!!

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    It never fails to amaze me how people still put passwords on sticky notes. I would expect the armed forces to know better.


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    Having used the UK Ministry of Defence DII systems I know just how unmanageable the whole thing is. I had to write down my password(s)  too – and I should know better!

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    A couple of years ago, I saw a cardboard box containing a laptop sent back for repair. The user had written their username and password on the outside of the box!

    I haven’t seen the passwords, but the following xkcd strip on password strength demonstrates why users may be encouraged to write down passwords:

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    Oh…this reminds me of those users posting pictures of their credit cards on twitter :o… @NeedADebitCard

    careless world.


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