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      i am new here and new to penetration testing. i have always had an interest in computers and hacking and thought that i would like to give this a try. i bought a book from amazon called the basics of hacking and penetration testing by patrick engebretson. i find it quite easy to read and have had some fun practicing with nmap and harvester. i got to the nessus part in chapter 3. i got nesses server online and when i was using it a little box popped up. exactly the same box that pops up when i login asking if i would like the password remembered. this password said in quotes “anonymous” and asked if i would like to keep it. does this mean that i have been hacked. i was a little worried about doing this sort of thing. when i used nessus and did a vulnerability scan i found that there was a windows issue. i cant remember what it said, something about windows sharing the internet connection or something. does that mean that by using a vmware kali linux with nessus installed can make my computer susceptable to attack?

      ninjaman 🙂

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      That was an ok, get your feet wet book. We used it in my 400 level Ethical Hacking class when I was in college.

      Most likely that pop up was when you logged in to your Nessus box via the browser and the browser wanted to save the password for you.

      The last bit doesn’t make much sense without more information.

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      I agree with the above, unless your box is sitting out directly connected to the internet and unpatched you should be fine. Good luck and welcome to the site.

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      Welcome to this forum
      Well, It was OK it’s a browser’s behavior every time you log in to any website it wants to make your life easier and remember your password! So don’t worry.

      If your using your windows based computer as a hacking platform, its not a good idea because most of hacking tools does not support windows, they are Linux based. I suggest you to download Kali Linux and install it on a VM then try to hack with that machine and you do need to be worry after that.

      you can download kali linux here: (The x86 bit version is recommended for VMs)

      Keep in mind in hacking world you don’t need to learn how to use tools because tools are useless when you have no
      insight about hacking. a Hacker must learn the methodologies and techniques of hacking, tools are not that much important. for example you need to make a hole on a piece of wood, then you take an electric saw instead of a drill!!!!

      Last advise, Be ethical DO NOT BREAK ANY LAW

      if you need any help just ask us on this forum
      again welcome to EH-NET

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