PLEASE HELP! Is this the work of a hacker?

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      Hello to everyone!

      I have a pressing matter and don’t know where to go or who to turn to. Government agencies offer help, but only at an extremely high price (which I’m not totally against, just unable to afford).

      My friend is being terrorized to the point of her contemplating suicide. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in 8 months til she showed up at my door looking thin, frail and scared. She sat down with me and started to cry as she explained her situation. She is living in complete fear and everyone “willing” to help is trying to take advantage financially because they know she’s desperate. I want to help, but not sure how or where to start.

      I will explain the situation the best I can, but first would like to say, I’m not against putting in hard work and man hours to resolve this. I may not be a hacker, but I’m not lazy and I do have common sense with above average intelligence. If someone were to offer nothing more than a few appropriate websites with explanations and/or help guides, I’d be more than appreciative!

      I’ll try to condense this, though I’ve already been pretty long winded. It all started when my friend (I’ll call her Jen) sat down at her computer to write some emails and files started deleting as she watched. As soon as she would take them out of the recycle bin, they would end up right back in there. She just couldn’t move fast enough. She went to her email and saw the same thing. Someone was deleting her folders and emails. She tried changing passwords but they were changed again before she could gain control. She then was completely locked out. She waited til the middle of the night to try to recover the lost passwords, but same thing happened before she could make progress. Whoever was doing this now had control of her icloud account along with every email account she had. Her phone was under attack too. Her incoming and outgoing messages were being changed to say different things. The person responsible had her contacts and was intercepting messages and changing them. She was getting calls and texts from stange numbers and believed her keystrokes were being recorded. They were also tracking her location whenever she left the house. She somehow was able to get into her apple drive where she found folders and folders of text conversations, phone call recordings, screenshots, job login information and gps logs. As soon as she stumbled upon this info, it was being deleted. She just sat there in fear when she realized how much info of hers was compromised. She bought a new router/modem and set it up with her provider so it would be encrypted and secure and also bought a new computer but she was hacked again. She bought a new phone. Same thing. The phones she’s purchased have been destroyed internally to the point of being inoperable. Everything she connects to her network is immediately compromised. She doesn’t know how this is happening, especially with security setup on all devices. Now, it is worth mentioning that Jen has a girlfriend who lives with her. I don’t know her girlfriend very well, so I can’t say much about her level of computer knowledge.

      Please, anyone, can you help me so I can help Jen? I’m afraid I’m going to lose my friend to insanity. She has no clue what this person (or people) wants or what their intentions are. She’s living in complete fear in her own home and can’t trust anyone around her.. except me, but my knowledge is limited.

      Is this the work of a hacker? Could this be done with spy programs and no hacking abilities? Is there a definite place I should start in untangling this whole mess? I’m just lost. Is someone, anyone, willing to take some time out to help me or even lead me in the right path? If so, I’d be more than grateful.

      I apologize for the length of my post and, even if I get no response, I thank you for just listening. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


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