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      Hi friends,
      🙂  This is BreakTheSec,   i have decided to take the OSCP course(90day Lab+cert+course).

      First of all, i will explain about my skills:
      **I am good in programming concepts( I love to do);c,java,php,Assembly , currently learning python  .
      ** Have basic knowledge in Ethical hacking concepts.
      ** Password cracking with Backtrack (developed own cracker with java)
      **Now i am learning Reverse Engg. and Exploitation writing.
      **I love linux than the f*** windows.
      ** worked with virutalbox.
      ** but i don’t have strong knowledge in tcp/ip except the theory knowledge(have read in college)
      ** I am fresher(no cert, no job  :'( )..

      Everyone said OSCP  is hard to achieve; i read some review from “experts”.  Everyone said that having basic knowledge about the linux and programming is enough to take the course.  But OffSec mentioned that should have strong knowledge in TCP/IP.

      I am going to take the course on April only.  In between this gap, i like to learn everything that required to take the course. (I like to pass the exam in first attempt. )

      is the skills what i have is enough as a pre-requisites? ???

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      sounds like you have all the bases covered. Do read a lot more on TCP/IP and pentesting in general. Read about information gathering, port scanning, service enumeration, vulnerability identification & exploits.

      Learn to document your test results, findings.

      Do not hate Windows, as you might have to use it in your career.

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      Thank you for suggestion.
      can you show some good resource for TCP/IP?

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      @BreakThesec wrote:

      Thank you for suggestion.
      can you show some good resource for TCP/IP?

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