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      Hi !

      Free firewalls outclass paid-for ones, test reveals ! Do you agree ?
      That’s just what John E. Dunn, from recently wrote;159719021;fp;8;fpid;

      As a beta-tester for Outpost firewall for a few years, I do can agree the latter has a lack of protection against leak tests.

      Even before I read Mr. Dunn’s review I’ve decided to give a try to freeware Comodo firewall (version available from here –
      (To download software, you will have to register on their site. Activation code will be sent by e-mail)

      Until then, I am fine with Comodo firewall. Just one minor inconvenience experienced: I’ve unintentionally blocked DNS requests sent from Firefox 2, had to turn off “Monitor DNS requests” option in Application Behaviour Analisys and then clear DNS cache with “ipconfig /flushdns

      Stay protected !

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      I have been using Kerio for the past few years and installed Comodo just few minutes ago after seeing this post.

      It certainly looks very promising

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      Wow, windows firewall performed amazing on that benchmark. And they still have the balls to sell their ISA product after getting embarrassed with this test. I wonder if some anti-windows sentiments made it into the testing procedures.

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