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      Hi everyone!
      I have purchased Metasploit Pro and Nessus in order to solve my website issues.

      I releave various vulnerabilities through “Nessus” and “Metasploit Scan” (and actually, once I received attacks), but at the moment of the PenTest I get the message: “Exploit failed: A payload has not been selected.”.

      Actually, in the “Quick PenTest” section I have already tried all options for Payload (Meterpreter, Meterpreter 64but, Shellcode, PowerShell).

      How do I solve this issue? THanky for that 🙂


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      Don Donzal

      Hard to tell based on the info given. However, if you purchased Metasploit Pro, first stop should be Rapid7 support. Next idea would be to read or watch a few simple tutorials on the usage of Metasploit. Lots of free resources out ther. There might be a small step you missed in setting it up (possibly the rhost or in selecting the right payload).

      Hope this helps,

      EDIT – PS – Just be careful what payloads you throw at it. You could crash it and cause more problems. If you have a staging env, best to test it there first. Even better is to play / learn in a practice env, then try testing your real app. I’m sure you realize that this just isn;t something that you install and start launching at everything. The tools are great but still need some learning time and experience to get the proper end result.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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