PentesterLab – Free Courses and ISOs for WebApp Pentesting

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    Here is another web pentest resource to get you going:

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    I begin to like a lot that site.

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    Wow. This is gold. or platinum. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing guys, I’d heard mention on twitter but not checked it it out til now and am glad I did. Anything web services is so rare to find. (Talking about Axis2, not the intro)

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks good link and very useful

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    While teaching web application security and penetration testing, one of the most prevalent questions from the audience at the end of every week is: “How and where can I (legally) put in practice all the knowledge and test all the different tools we have covered during the training (while preparing for the next real-world engagement)?” Along the years I have been providing multiple references to the attendees (including the option of testing real-world vulnerable open-source web applications) and mentioned several times that I had a pending blog post listing all them together… Today is the day! ;)… and I will be able to refer people here in future training sessions.

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    PentesterLab is an easy and straight forwards way to learn the basics of penetration testing. It provides vulnerable systems in a virtual image, and accompanying exercises that can be used to test and understand vulnerabilities.

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