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    Hi guys
    I have started my pen test training this month so far I’m as happy as a pig in @@@. Started with elearnsecurity, student course and will move on to the professional if everything goes well I’ll do the offensive security course. In my current job I have been actively involve in security for I while but deal more with auditing network loggings and Admin stuff. I’m so hooked on this course I sit for hours in front of the pc (Don’t worry I didn’t have a social life to begin with). My goal is Digital Forensics, I’m finishing up my BA Criminology degree also Looking forward to all the discussions and help on this excellent forum. A shout out to Armando and his team the Course is excellent so far.

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    Sounds like you are off to a great start! I have also heard nothing but great things about Armando and his training on here. You have chosen a great place to start moving into pen testing. Good luck and keep us all updated.

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     Phillip Wylie 

    You have a good plan for your pentesting training and once you are finished with the eLearnSecurity courses, you should be ready for Offsec’s PWB course.

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    Cool to hear that you’re enjoying the class. I plan on taking those later this year and am looking forward to them.

    I’ve got several of the computer forensics certs out there and have taken a lot of the courses so if you have any questions about those feel free to shoot me a message.

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