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      Don Donzal

      To get away from the more serious topic of security, hacking, as we all know, has another meaning. To tinker. Wether it be to extend your wifi signal, kill commercials in media center to even hacking your Toyota Prius Hybrid… Here’s a fun article in PC Mag.



      PS – Should we add a “Hacking Your Toys” forum for this kind of stuff?

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      Hacking other devices other than PCs and IT systems is a great subject to discuss.

      But will it dialute the core focus of the ehnet ?

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        Hacking hardware and hacking into computers can work together and it’s good for all Admin to be aware IMHO.  I have hacked wireless cards so I can attach an antenna so I could extend the range of Kismet, etc…  I have seen some interesting hacks on laptops that have turned them into some very efficient pentesting equipment. But this of course is all computer related. However, understanding hardware hacking in general does give you some insight to the mentality of a lot of computer hackers. The Ec-council claims that to understand a hacker you must think like one.

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      I think its a great idea. Maybe call it something like “Hardware and Software Modding and Hacking”? This might be broad enough to also encompass more directly related topics like RE. I could envision several sub-boards to break things up into different areas.

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      It was pointed out to me that this is a 6 year old post that I just commented on (winning!) I still think its a good idea for a new board. Thanks for leaving me hanging by deleting the spam Don 😀

Viewing 4 reply threads
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