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      I have been frustrated with the amount of passwords that I have to memorize and I am looking into using a password manager. However, I am a little hesitant to put all of my passwords into one place. If it ever gets compromised I would be in a lot of trouble. Any opinions?

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      passwordsafe + yubikey provides that extra layer of security

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      Verisign has an offering as well:

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      Here are a few more password managers that have been mentioned in other forums:

      I don’t use any password manager personally, I’m guessing that they provide no protecton against dictionary/brute force attacks. Maybe you could use a password manager along with TrueCrypt for an extra layer of protection or possibly IronKey (which provides protection against password attacks), downside is if you lose it:

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      I use passwordsafe at work, and keepass at home. Both programs are nice, later this year, I might start migrating work to Keepass (unlike passwordsafe it works on every OS we use).

      I would keep the passwords to the safe copied down somewhere. I’ve lost some passwords because I couldn’t remember the password I used for the safe. I recommend your wallet, firesafe, or a safety deposit box depending on how paranoid you are. 🙂

      As Data_Raid said, if they get the file, they might be able to brute force it.

      Something else you might do, to spread the pain of a compromise, is to use different safes (files) with passwords to different things in them.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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