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    I took the InfoSec Institure boot camp for ethical hacking and passed my C|EH ! Now i am finishing the practical part of the CPT and then on to some more advanced pen testing. Any recommendations on OSCP or eLearn Security eCPPT? Maybe even another beginner course? I did learn during the class that I need to better my programming and scripting knolwege should i start with C or Python ?


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    I havent tried the security tube python course myself yet but I’ve heard great things.

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    eCPPT isn’t as difficult as OSCP, so that might help bridge the gap between CEH and OSCP a bit (which is enormous).

    Python will probably be more useful day-to-day. C will help you better understand exploit development, how memory’s used, etc., but unless you’re writing something that needs to be extremely efficient (i.e. a password cracker), using C is going to be a pain for most tasks.

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    Thanks Guy’s ! I get the scripting part i’m working on my CPT practical and its a pain in the rear not having any experience.

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