Passed CEH v6.1

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      I have not received the welcome kit yet however I did pass the exam.  I sat through the online class and took the exam the very next week.  I passed with a low score but I still passed it the first time.  It was a great feeling when I was handed the printout showing I had posted a passing grade on the exam.

      It has not impacted my job in one way or another.  I have seen quite a few sites that are listing CEH as a hot cert for 2010 and the DoD validating it also boosts it the value. 

      I do not believe that having the CEH will be a game changer by any means.  In fact, it feels like I did all that work for nothing but personal glory.  I don’t believe recruiters will be chasing me down the street because I passed the CEH but ya never know I guess.

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      Congratulations!  🙂

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      Rembmer that the CEH it is just the beginning, you need to build up from there.

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