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      Hi all,

      Just a quick post to let you know i haven’t forgot about you all  😀

      Passed my ECSA last week, by self study. Now its time for a little break and focus on some upcoming conferences, after that i will start looking for something new.

      Oh still reading the forums, just not enough time to contribute 🙁

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      Congrats! Are you also going to buy the LPT?

      Do you already have plans for your next certification(s)? 🙂

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      Congratulations j0rDy !!!

      What is the next one now?

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      Congratulations.  j0rDy do you recommend going after the ECSA?  Is the information you are required to learn useful?  Since I won the LearningGate training I was considering doing the ECSA after the CEH, but not a lot of jobs require the ECSA so I would only go after it if earning it would teach me something. 

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      Yes jOrDy, I am curious to know what you did to get prepared for this exam. What source did you use for studying?

      I am happy you passed it buddy! 😉

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      Congrats, j0rDy! ;D

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      thanks guys!

      i used non official courseware to study for the exam, also did a lot or extending research on the topics at hand, which helped me alot to prepare for the exam.

      I am not going to upgrade my certifications to LPT. I simply refuse to pay for being able to put the title behind my name which has no additional value to my knowledge.

      I’m thinking of going after eCPPT at the end of the year or something. I really like to get my hands dirty again after a 100% theoretical course.

      I know ECSA is not required by many jobs but that is not the reason i take these courses. I do it 100% for myself to gain knowledge and the reason i want to get certified is i see it as my reward/confirmation that i understand the material. and i simply like torturing myself  😉

Viewing 6 reply threads
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