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      Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of some other good security forums. I really like ethicalhacker.net but I’d also like to have other options and usually I don’t get a lot of help here with technical questions – like if I’m trying to exploit something and get stuck. I’ve been to sla.ckers.org too but there seem to be a lot of kiddies on there.
      Are there other good forums around?

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      Is this a trap? This seems like a wife/girlfriend asking which woman is the most attractive.

      MaXe’s Intern0t seems to be more on the technical side, and they have a fairly active IRC channel on Freenode that might be more conducive to troubleshooting issues like that.

      I’d encourage you to continue asking here too though; you might have just had bad luck with timing.

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      hmm well EH is a great forums I think the problem with forms is if you want answer straight away it depends who online. Everyone is skilled in their own way and some have more knowledge than others. I would say join an IRC channel as you get answer faster like intern0t as mention there lots guys/girls on it that know about exploits.

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      True and some of us have pesky jobs that don’t always allow us to keep up with the forums.  Damn work getting in the way of social activity.  😀  Twitter can also serve for immediate assistance depending on who you follow and who follows you and what hash tags are used.  I’ve gotten assistance with Powershell scripts that way.

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      It’s not a trap!  😉

      I’m definitely going to stick around here on EH and know most people(including myself) have jobs, I just like to have options to choose from when I have questions about stuff I can’t figure out on my own.
      Thanks for the suggestions and I’ll be sure to give them a try if I can’t find what I need here.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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