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      Hey Guys,

      I am looking to take OSCP – PWB Starting late Dec. and I think i am going to do the 60 or 90 day course. The one thing that i see may be a issue is i work full time. and in Jan i will be starting my masters. I will be taking 1 class (most likely web app development. or programming java). Think i will be able to spend 2 hours for OSCP and 2 hours for School (more on weekends). I was looking for input from people who took this course how much time daily did you spend on this course. Does it take all of your time? Will Web App Devl  Class help with anything in the course (web attacks).

      Also to let you know. I am a Network Security Analyst who uses alot of tools on bt5 and knows python,I also have my GCIA, GCIH, GPEN and will have my GWAPT before i start this course which means i will have a good base knowledge and things will come easier.

      Any input on if this, good or bad idea would be great! i figure i was going to take 2 MS Classes but instead i was to substitute one with PWB.

      Thanks in advance!

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      You’ve got a bit more knowledge than I did when I did OSCP but I spent significantly more time than 2 hours a day. I was working full time and would come home and work on it 4-6 hours a night and on the weekends even more. However, it may come easier to you than it did to me. I remember asking this same question in the IRC and they all laughed at me because I think its really hard to gauge how a person will do. There is a component of creativity that you can not teach and I think that is the piece that differentiates 2 people of the same skill level. I also ended up doing 75 days in the lab.

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      Excellent response cd1zz, i will take that into consideration.

      Any more thoughts?

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      This answer a question I had about time..

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      hmm, if you can bring up the discipline to really study every day(!) for about 2 hours and put some more in during the weekend, it can be done. i probably did it the same way you will. remember that it will take a lot of time from you, and besides that, get ready to be exhausted after studying for that long in a row, i have days i am tired from just working, and i am sure i will not be able to study when i get home.

      bottom line is only you can make that decision if you are able to pull it off, just dont underestimate it…

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