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      I’m a couple of months into the OSCP and I am finding it a steep (but VERY interesting) learning curve. If, like me, your study time is limited then you don’t want to spend hours Googling for decent study resources when you could be spending time in the labs.

      I thought I would put up a couple of links to stuff that has helped me gain a greater understanding of this frustrating / fascinating business.

      First a whole raft of video tutorials (not the usual rubbish) including tuts on NMAP, Netcat, Wireshark, Socket Programming and Encryption.

      Lots of security tutorials here. The site is not in English but a lot of the info is written in English and is generally available in .PDF format.

      And here are some good fuzzing resources.
      I hope someone finds this useful and that anyone else with good resources  will post them up here.



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      Thanks for the links Biotic,  I just started this class on Monday.  It’s been fun so far  ;D

      I’m not far enough into it to give any real opinion on it though.  I’ll definitely be back to these boards soon to share my thoughts.

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      Hi ,

      Thanks for the link . This is my first post in this forum .
      The links are realy good .


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      Thank you for the links. The site looks good, and I plan on taking the cert that’s if I have enough skill with the tcp/ip and network admin side.

      I’m just getting started in this field since most of my work has been in help desk.

      Thanks again.

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      cheers for the links.

      I haven’t been able to take too close a look yet (no rest for the wicked and all that) But as you say the videos don’t seem constrained to the usual ‘type nmap to scan host’ basics.

      If I find anything majorly interesting after a closer look I’ll let you all know

Viewing 4 reply threads
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