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      Hi All,

      I’m hoping to start the OSCP within the next two months, I feel that i’m almost ready I just have a few questions that you may be able to help with.

      Firstly – the videos:
      I have the understanding that when payment is confirmed, offsec will send a package including the PDF and videos. Are the videos links to a hosted location or a download of the file? The reason I ask is because I was wondering if in the case of the videos being streamed, do you lose access to them once your lab time expires or do you keep them permanently?

      Secondly – privesc:
      Its highly warned that usage of metasploit is banned during the exam, aslong with the “getsystem” command. Its no secret that a well known exploit kitrap0d is a core of this command, is the use of it allowed when not in conjunction with metasploit?

      Apologies if the second question is too sensitive.

      Many thanks to anyone that can help.


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      1) You can download the videos.
      2) If you find an exploit as a “standalone” script, you can use it without any problems.

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      Top man! Cheers!

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      With the videos, just be sure to download them and back them up within the timeframe they give you. They watermark all the videos with your contact information, and there’s an additional cost to have them recreate them for you if you lose them later.

      You can use MSF once, but there are some systems they explicitly prohibit you from using it. This will all be detailed in your exam pack.

      And kitrap0d has been removed from getsystem. It used to be a fourth option, but now there are only these three:

      meterpreter > getsystem -h
      Usage: getsystem [options]

      Attempt to elevate your privilege to that of local system.


      -h Help Banner.
      -t The technique to use. (Default to '0').
      0 : All techniques available
      1 : Service - Named Pipe Impersonation (In Memory/Admin)
      2 : Service - Named Pipe Impersonation (Dropper/Admin)
      3 : Service - Token Duplication (In Memory/Admin)
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      M101 has a longer work time than M105. Both correct very well. M101 dust less than M105. I would go with M101 if these two were my only options. Have you looked at D300 as well?

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