OSCP in the job market

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      Look this blog from Offensive Security, about how the companies are beginning to see with good ayes the performance base certification like OSCP:


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      I agree that it has definately had an impact on the infosec certification community, and I view someone with an OSCP or more to be a prime candidate however, I disagree with their statement that “many people just don’t respect infosec certifications.”

      It’s just not true as a rule. There are numerous respected infosec certications, though as noted, many of them are more practical. The CPT/CEPT, the CREST certs, GSE, ect.

      However I feel that having professionals only focus on the OS line of certs would be a net negative for the industry. When i’m on /r/asknetsec and people ask for a cert, 95% of the time the first answer is OSCP. No matter what they want to do in the industry, OSCP is the answer. Its just not how it should be working.

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      We kie, we need the theory to learn and the practice to sharp the skills

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