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      If anyone has a moment to test something, I would greatly appreciate it.

      I think the most recent version of Ophcrack for both Linux and Windows has a bug. I’ve tested this on two separate machines and am getting the same result.

      The problem is when Ophcrack cracks a password that contains a colon. It’s not that it cant crack it, in fact the password does display correctly on the screen (both in the non gui *nix version on the screen as well as within the windows gui), but when it writes to an output file it mangles the colon.

      It seems every time there is a colon, it replaces it with a —> Á (C1 in hex). I am 100% certain the password does not have this character and when I double check by checking the NT hash, it does contain a colon.

      Bizzare, just wondering if anyone can validate my claims.

      For your own testing, you can use this hash:

      which = the password 2012:meh


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      I tested with v3.4 of the Windows GUI. It displays fine in the GUI, but this is what is saved to file:

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      NICE, its not just me. Thanks for doing that.

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