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      Hello everyone,

      I have a question/request for whoever wants to answer.  I’ve been interested in the whole hacking/security field for a while now.  However, what I would really like to do is lean more towards research and development than pen-testing.

      Its been in the back of my mind for a while now but since I got a shiny new iPod Touch and was very disappointed when I found out that it doesn’t support packet injection and that the wireless driver was built into the kernel which makes “hacking” it to do wireless packet injection more difficult.  I spent hours searching the web looking for someone that might be working on it with no results when I came to realize that I would love to be able to do that kind of stuff on my own.  I read H.D. Moore’s blog posts about hacking the iPhone and thats exactly what I want to be able to do, however… I’m severely lacking in the needed skillset.

      Trying to think about what I would need to learn is at least slightly intimidating and I have no clue how to ease into it or even find a good place to jump in head first.  I suppose some of the topics might be driver/kernel internals and development, assembly language and a few others.  I took a programming class at a local college and we didn’t even use a compiler the whole class (it was a c programming class) and the instructor even seemed to be learning some of the things as he went, stuff I had known for years.

      In other words, I want to take it up to the next level or two (or down to the lower levels) and have no idea where to start.  What would be nice is a project thats not quite as dfficult as hacking/modding a proprietary kernel (is that even legal?) to start on and to learn from so the stuff I read and find out gets put to use so I don’t lose it by the next week.

      Btw, sorry for making you read such a long post  ;D

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      im not sure if this will help at all, but overall if you want to learn and excell in the security field, then i think 2 things you need to be very familiar with is , linux, all aspects of networking like tcp, udp, and so on. learn the OSI model and what happens at what layer, its not the most exciting stuff, but it is stuff you need to know. With google you should be able to find all the information you need, and then just start being creative and having fun.

      hope this helps a little.

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      I appreciate the response but thats not quite what I was looking for.

      I am fully aware that knowledge of linux is important, I have had several years experience with it, as a development, desktop and server environment.  I also realize the need for networking knowledge.  However, I thought my question was focused in a different realm than general Linux and networking and more towards low level programming and reverse engineering and how to get started in that area.  Maybe ideas for a project or something thats a little more within reach than reverse engineering/altering the kernels of embedded devices to be able to build up to that level.

      If there is more of a correlation between the two areas than what I’m seeing, let me know.

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      check out the interview with @tlas over on LSO, he talks a bit about how to get into that type of work. 

      you can also ask phn1x he does a bit of that, he might be able to give you a push in the right direction.

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      Sorry about that , i must have misread your post and misunderstood what you were asking. My apologies and i hope you find what your looking for.

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      Meh, no problem.

      Just wanted to make sure i wasn’t misunderstood.  ;D

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