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      Started working on the whole blogging thing.  I think I may write any of the infosec related material on a basic level for those who are not quite aware of it.  Maybe cater it more toward SMBs and/or home users.  So without further ado, here is my Brain Drool


      Opinions welcomed!

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      Hi I think that is a great idea as many home user do not have a clue about security.

      Just one thing I noticed having a little look at your site on that post the second imge seems to overlap.This looking at it in latest IE browser.

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      ah, I see, damn you blogspot!  Or maybe damn you IE.  One of these days I will work on building my own site up.  It looks fine in Firefox and chrome, even decent from my android phone.  Maybe I will write an artcile about not using IE 😀 

      I also figure my knowledge/experience is not quite there to educate my peers so I figure educating the uneducated would be the best start.  Then again I could not be giving myself enough credit.

      Thanks for the feedback Jamie!

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      lol I would not be using IE but certain things only work on IE. You could try this site http://browsershots.org/ if you are that bothered about what browser it displays ok in.

      If you just start with subject you are intrested in and try to explain them in simple terms I think people would find it useful.

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      good idea good luck!

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