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    oOoOoOoOo… the site is all fancy and new. Feels good to be back 🙂

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     Don Donzal 

    Thanks Bill. It’s great to be back. One heck of a road, but look where we are.

    We are looking at adding a ‘testimonial’ feature but no ETA. In the meantime, can you maybe share your story of where you were, what brought you originally to EH-Net, where you are now and how the EH-Net Community helped you?


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    Absolutely. Is there a specific forum you’d prefer that be posted in?

    Also, what happened to the “generic” forum board? I thought we had a big one for “everything else” discussion but didn’t see that one in the listing.

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    Hey @venom77 one of the other old skool people makes a return 🙂

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    For sure 🙂 Good to see you around. Hopefully a bunch of oldies will crawl back – and I’m sure we’ll get a whole slew of new peeps too.

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