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      Don, didn’t know where to place this… If you want to move it to the appropriate location…

      We wanted to let you know about an upcoming hack event in your part of the world. Disrupt Hack Day ( ) takes place May 22-23 in New York City. It will be a marathon session of hacking over Saturday night. The event is free and is being held over the weekend before the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.  Although this is not a Yahoo! event, Yahoo! hackers will be participating and we hope you can join us.

      The Hack Day will mix 200 hackers, coders, developers and hardware geeks, with a whole lot of Red Bull and pizza, then let it all ferment overnight. Projects will be shown on stage on Sunday, and a variety of awards will be given. If you finish and present a project you’ll get into the main Disrupt conference for free (saving you $3,000). All the top hackers and projects will be covered by TechCrunch and other attending media.

      Participants can build whatever they’d like using publicly available APIs. After a judging round on Sunday, the judges’ favorite hacks will present during Disrupt alongside top startups, in front of the entire Disrupt event audience of 2,000 people on Wednesday, May 26.

      TechCrunch is a Technorati Top 5 blog that profiles startups, products and websites, it has over 4.5 million RSS subscribers. TechCrunch Disrupt is a three-day conference and startup competition. Attendees will meet the people behind the new startups, new products and new technologies driving disruption today. Startups go head to head to show their stuff and impress the audience and a panel of experts over multiple rounds of competition. Everyone gets stage time, but only one startup will take home a $50,000 top prize.

      Hack Day Info and Application:

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      These kinds of events are why I need to leave the MidWest where nothing EVER happens!!!

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      Well that was sent to me via the OWASP mailing list… At second glance it’s not a “hacker” event in this forum’s sense. More like a developer’s (hacker) event. However, I wonder if I created an API to utilize Facebook’s, Yahoo’s, etc’s, networks to instantly DoS a target upon a registration would it qualify for something… Say make an automated call to support some charity upon their registration would it qualify… Think about it, how many shows like say American Idol have those call in competitions… “You’re So Silly API – Automagically enters you into a Depends for a Year contest” ( I’m sure these companies wouldn’t want ‘hackers’ (non programmers/developers) at this particular event

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      I went with a couple friends not knowing that they meant “developing” using company APIs. It was a fun experience, and even though we didn’t program anything of use for the company, we did program some neato “hacker” related software using their APIs for fun. Also, unlimited chocolate granoala bars and pizza. yummmm.

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