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      Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this…

      Months ago, I emailed a friend at (example address) and apparently my friend doesn’t own that address because he told me it was slightly different than the one I sent the email to. Then yesterday I got a reply from what seemed to be that email, but it was actually So they replied to my email but from a similar looking address. I am just wondering how they could have gotten my email message if I sent it to a different address. I knew by their reply that they got my email message since they were talking about it specifically. The reply itself sounds fishy too: “Heyla,
          I lost track of my email for a few months.  Forgive me that I’m not sure who you are.  I’ve been going through a lot of medical stuff lately.  In a later email from you, you sent a song.  I’ve downloaded it to listen to.  I hope you are well.”

      Clearly this is someone phishing. And if I get a request for money wired to Nigeria, I will know for sure it’s bs, but until then I am just trying to figure out how they could have gotten my message.

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      They might’ve had forwarding for their email from one gmail account to another.

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      That’s a feature in Gmail. They ignore ‘.’ in a username as well as capitalization, so is the exact same as and

      You can read more at:

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      Thanks, never knew that.  🙂  I just assumed they were forwarding…

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      Glad to be of service…. ;D

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