Nmap 6.25 Holiday Season Release!

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      Don Donzal

      From Fyodor himself:

      Hi folks.  It has been more than five months since the Nmap 6.01 release, and I’m pleased to announce a new version for you to enjoy during the holidays!  Nmap 6.25 contains hundreds of improvements, including 85 new NSE scripts, nearly 1,000 new OS and service detection fingerprints, performance enhancements such as the new kqueue and poll I/O engines, better IPv6 traceroute support, Windows 8 improvements, and much more!  It also includes the work of five Google Summer of Code interns who worked full time with Nmap mentors during the summer.

      Nmap 6.25 source code and binary packages for Linux, Windows, and Mac are available for free download from:



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      I’ve always liked the fact that Nmap included a scan called Xmas because of it’s behaviour:

      Xmas scan (-sX)
      Sets the FIN, PSH, and URG flags, lighting the packet up like a Christmas tree.


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      85 new NSE scripts, nearly 1,000 new OS and service detection fingerprints, …

      I am amazed by the fact that even after many years, they are still improving nmap a lot!! Good things get better!!  ;D

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