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      Hey I’m a college student in Network Security.  I just downloaded Metasploit to try out on my home network.  First of all, AVAST recognized it as a trojan horse but I decided to download it anyways.  Then I scanned my computer after installing it and AVAST found about 30 malware files.  I wasn’t sure if these were actually harmful to my computer or if they were just recognized as such because it could do harm to another computer.  Sorry for the stupid question.  Thanks!

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      You are quite safe if you downloaded metaslpoit from their website.  I would configure your antivirus software to ignore the directories where metasploit is installed and hack away.

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      Why did you install it in windows? You cant hack efficiently from there.

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      @Kev wrote:

      Why did you install it in windows? You cant hack efficiently from there.

      Haha my Linux skills are a work in progress  😉  I have been using BackTrack in vmware as well.

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      When you scan the MetaSploit directory think about what you are scanning. It IS lots of exploits and payloads and your AV better find lots in there or else get a new one.

      MetaSploit works fine in Windows, the only exception is using the command line you can only have one thread. You have to use the web gui to be effective in Windows. I highly recommend learning the command line. Much faster and it is scriptable. I would suggest playing with it in BackTrack so you can get the full functionality from the command line.

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      Hey TTewell!

      The actual alert is probably coming for the modules within metasploit and its payloads, which are shellcode that are highly recognizable as backdoors. You should ignore this if you have downloaded from the official site. Use your host based AV’s control panel to add the metasploit directory to the safelist for that product.

      Good luck!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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