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      New World Release Date

      New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Games set to be released on September 28, 2021. you can access the game via a one-time purchase. There is a standard edition and deluxe edition available to buy.(New World Coins here)

      New World Combat

      Combat in New World is slightly different from what you may be accustomed to in other MMOs. You can’t automatically target enemies or cycle through them – you must aim each attack precisely, including projectiles. It’s been compared to Dark Souls, as you must block, dodge, and watch your timing. This presumably will make PVP much more skill based rather than stat based.


      Early builds of New World allowed open PvP in which players can kill one another outside safe areas, which led to the player-killers being labelled as criminals. However, this wasn’t enough to discourage high level players from attacking low level players repeatedly, so Amazon Game Studios changed this to an opt-in, faction-based system. There are ‘bonuses’ for enabling your PvP flag, such as better experience and rewards.

      They’ve also added New World wars, which are 50v50 PvP clashes, as well as forts, which can be fought over and controlled by different factions. If your faction controls the nearby fort, you gain increased experience and influence in that area, and each fort imparts unique global buffs to the controlling faction.

      NEW WORLD Factions

      Players must choose a faction after reaching level 10. The New World factions are:


      For what it’s worth, I like it! The UI is super clean and snappy, everything makes sense to me, I enjoy the chat box. Graphically and gameplay-wise it kinda reminds me of a slightly more action-focused Guild Wars 2. But then again, you can make that action based also. Needs mounts! I can see this dragging on after a while though teleports do exist.

      Will New World last you thousands of hours? I think so for most players.

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