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      New member saying hello.  I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and managed to stumble on your site by accident during a splurge of boredom relief yesterday (I can only stand so long staring at a series of progress bars).

      I’m currently a data manager but over the last 15 or so years i’ve done a bit of everything though i’m weak on the programming side of things (done some html and php only).  

      Been playing with various flavours of linux over the last few years and discovered Backtrack just over a year ago.  Still exploring the features of that!

      Managed to talk work into sending me on a few courses but the skinflints wouldn’t let me do the exams  :-[ though i’ve managed to sneak of and get my N+ and hope to pass my CCNA soon

      The security side has always facinated me but i’ve not been in a position to take the plunge.  Within the next 2 years I will be in a good position to go for it (with my 6 months emergency fund as well).

      I am likely to have a lot of questions once i’ve finished going through the offerings on this site and I hope you guys will be able to point me in the right direction for the answers?

      My first question is are there any UK and canadian members out there as I need advice about those countries?

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      Don Donzal

      Welcome. First hint… it might be a good idea to rename the thread with your question. Someting like “New Member Looking for UK EH-Netters” might get you going in the right direction.

      Checking out some of the offerings of 7Safe and their CREST courses may be of interest to you.


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      Thanks for that hint (point taken on that one) and the link.  Yet more certifications to read up on!
      Will have to badger my boss tomorrow and see if there’s any spare money in the training budget  😉

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      I’m UK based, but know nothing about Canadian side of things. What info are you looking for?

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      Hey AndyB,

      I leave in Canada. What is your question? Please post it on the forum.

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      Thanks for responding guys.

      My situation is that i’m coming to the end of my current contract in the UK late 2012 and am looking at moving from my current role in Administration into the Security side of things.  I’m also looking at the possiblility of relocating to Ontario or Alberta in Canada.

      I’m trying to get a little insider knowledge of how ‘buoyant’ the job market is in the UK and Canada for Security/ Pen Testing etc.  I’m also trying to find out which of the array of Certs available are the most favoured by the employers in the UK and Canada.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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