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      I think it is a good habit on forums like this, to give a brief introduction of yourself.

      I have been registered in January and have since even posted some questions / thoughts. So far I have mainly used the forum to gather information about CEH. What are the objectives, what are the recommended literature and if the course is hands-on. In short, I did some reconnaisance and footprinting on the examen(objectives) of CEH (hi hi).

      Last Friday I passed the CWSP exam from the CWNP. From today I can fully focus myself on preparing the CEH exam. Yesterday I ordered the necessary books. I will follow the path of self-study! Besides the literature, I want make use of CBT-lessons. I wonder if anyone has this experience? What order you to, and importantly, what order you not to!

      I’m looking forward to make the necessary knowledge for the CEH exam my own. I think it could be a good addition to my other certificates, all related to risk and security management. I hope that during my preparation time and beyond, I may use the knowledge and experience of the other members of this forum.

      I do want to thank already everyone in advance for sharing their knowledge and experience with me.

      Greetz, Dutch

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      Thank you for the introduction and welcome to this outstanding forum.  There is nothing wrong with going the self-study route as that is how I obtained my CEH way back in the day.  😛

      I hope that you get the information you seek as I am sure you will since the community here is awesome!  I look forward in hearing your successes and passing along knowledge that you have.

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      hey dutchie,

      good to see that the Netherlands are stepping their game up! this gives us local people the opportunity to share information and experience on a national level. good luck with CEH and if you need any pointers, just let me know!

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      Welcome to the forums, Dutchie.

      I haven’t seen the CBT videos, but I’d say that if you study the books very well, it would be sufficient for passing the CEH exam. Let us know if you have any more questions on CEH.

      Also, Congratulations on passing the CWSP exam.

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      Welcome to EH-Net!

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      Welcome aboard!  Hopefully you can benefit from our experience, and share your knowledge with us. 

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      Welcome, Dutch! Good luck with preparing for the CEH exam  8)

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      Hi Dutchie,

      Welcome to the forum. I’m using Ec-Council Press Series for CEH. Very useful resource, with great price. It focuses on the exam objectives so you won’t find all the modules in there, only the ones that covered in the exam. They introduce the concept then give hands-on exercises, there is also a website supporting the books where you can find the tools covered as well as some white papers etc. 

      Check it out:

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