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      Hey everyone,

      Some of you that have been here a while (or a few years) know a little about me and such. I’ve (hopefully) provided some useful advice to both members and visitors to EH-Net over time and many people here have definitely helped answer many of my own questions as well.

      So anyway I first want to thank all of the members here at EH-Net for the great support. I don’t think I’ve ever personally had a question go unanswered in the forums, and that’s awesome. We’ve definitely got quite a bit of talent and skills here and everyone loves to share information.

      That being said, I wanted to share my excitement as I prepare to enter into a new position, and quite a big change 🙂 Today is my last day at my current job and I’ll be starting the new job this coming Tuesday. I’m going to be moving down by myself and leaving my wife and kids at home for a couple months, but luckily it’s only about a 3-hour trip so I’ll be able to make it back on the weekends. I’ll be moving from a non-profit company into a contract position. It is with EDS serving within DoD’s DFAS division as a systems specialist. I’m certainly looking forward to it and I’m pretty excited to start. It’s the first time I’ve ever even considered a contract position, but it’s expected to be 2+ years and sounds pretty solid.

      I wanted to thank the community as many of you have certainly inspired me to reach further and pursue my goals. I also want to specifically thank Brian (slimjim) and ChrisG for their advice and friendship over the past couple years here at EH-Net. You guys are great!

      And, of course, I’d like to extend a personal thank you to Don. First, for EH-Net and getting this great community together. Second, for starting ChicagoCon. An awesome conference where I certainly was able to make some new friends, meet some EH-Net folks face-to-face and enjoy some good presentations. And for the awesome advice and support you’ve provided on a more personal level, I truly appreciate it.

      Keep up the great work and I hope to meet some new people at ChicacoCon 2009s in May – work approval pending 😉


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      Congrats on the new job! Hope you still come around as often as you can, I think you helped me out on a few of my problems I had.

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      Don Donzal

      As hard as you work and what you sacrificed just to provide a better life for your family, it was not only my pleasure but my obligation to help. Pay it forward, my friend.

      Hope to see you in May. It’s shaping up to be one hell of an event.


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      Congrats Bill. Hope you enjoy the new job, thats what really counts.

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      Congrats on the new job!  I hope you get the chance to have some fun on the new job.

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      Congratulations and all the best Bill.

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      Outstanding BillV!!!!

      I am so happy to see you getting break! Make sure you get your clearance and learn what you can on the DoD processes. Once you have the basics you can jump contracts as I have in the past and I know Chris Gates has done the same. I have found the best way to move up in pay and job roles in DoD contracting is to jump around contacts and make a name for yourself in the organization your supporting. If you need anything you have my contacts. Congratulations again as this is a much deserved break for you and I know you will do very well.

      I hope others see how BillV stuck to his goals and made good contacts to help him and motivate him in bettering himself. This site and all the work Don has put into it has help many people trying to better themselves and there family.


      aka Slimjim100

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      Sorry for the delayed reply, been busy packing and moving stuff down this weekend. Thanks for all of the well wishes everyone! I will definitely still be around 🙂

      Don – ChicagoCon is certainly on my list of things to bring up Tuesday when I start ;D


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      Congrats Bill, you are an inspiration to us all. Good luck on your new job.

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      here’s to a good 2009 for you Bill!

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      Michael J. Conway

      Good luck Bill. Thanks for all the help. We’ll see you around.

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