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      Hey everyone, hows it going?

      Anyways just thought I would say hello.  I just found this site and joined it and made a few posts already before this one.

      Anyways I am about 2.5 yrs into my BS in Computer Forensics.  I am also going for a degree in Network Security and deciding if I want to do a third degree in either just Network management or a business degree.

      I am former Navy.  I was a welder and got out in 06′. YAY!!!

      Anyways I am so stoked to be close to graduating Jun 2011…not really close but closer than 2 yrs ago.

      I was fortunate enough to find a local company that I had emailed a few months ago and they are willing to do an internship to hire with me.  I have not started yet but should be soon. I know for sure he works with Helix, FTK, Sleuth kit.  I asked about EnCase but he does not.  So I was thinking after being hired by him I will pay for the EnCase training out of pocket and make myself more marketable.

      Anyways just saying Hi and I hope to learn from you guys as much as I can.

      Oh I do have one question

      The certs that CF should get, do they require a clean background?  Mine has a few smudge marks but nothing serious. I was able to get a Secret Security clearance in the Navy.

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      Welcome. In general, I would say that being on the good side of a background check for a secret clearance would most likely mean that you would be clear for most security certs.

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      Welcome aboard. If you have a Secret Security clearance you are in great shape!

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      Not been on here in a long time.  ya my Secret clearance is inactive since i have been out for a few yrs.  But I think since I made this post I was able to find an internship doing CF.  haven’t really done much with them yet but still a good thing.

      I got till June 2011and then I graduate…yay.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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