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      I’m sure a few other members here got the same e-mail from eLearnSecurity today:

      @Armando wrote:

      Dear *,

      Armando here from eLearnSecurity.

      You can tell that we are growing very fast with
      new initiatives, projects and even offices.

      That is the reason why you don’t hear from me so often anymore.

      However, on November 26th I believe we will reach another important milestone: we will release our first training course which will not be directly related to offensive techniques.

      Pentesting is wonderful and we will always push new contents on the subject, however, listening to thousands of our students, we realized we could help pentesters as well as defenders from another point of view.

      I’m not gonna spill all the beans in this email, let me just tell you that this training course will feature:

      a) The highest amount of video material ever released in our training courses
      b) The highest amount of lab scenarios
      c) Multiple course formats: PDF + Mobile version + PC version (I am especially excited about this one)
      d) Material targeted to pentesters, defenders and consultants
      e) Thorough and in-depth contents that literally no one else is providing

      Early next week we will publish more information and you will be able
      to register for our launch event.

      In the meantime save the date and stay tuned!

      Armando Romeo
      Founder of eLearnSecurity

      P.S. This course will tremendously increase the spectrum of services and competence that you can offer to your clients or you employer. And it will be 100% fun to do.

      Until then, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about what you think it’ll be!

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      Suspect a series of training by subscription because include defenses and consultants.

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