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      Hi All,

      Feels like I have not been on this forum in ages. I was away on course and could not get net access what sucked!

      Anyway one thing that came to light on the course was the lack of networking I had done caused me problems.

      So I want try get myself up to speed on it and I don’t mean the basic stuff like OSI and what is a router I need help with networking in business so things like

      Mail exchange
      Domain name
      Terminal services
      Kerberos kpasswd
      Internet Name Service

      does anyone know a good book or any good resources please 🙂 I am going to Google this lot too but prefer a detailed book

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      If you can swing it, I would go get an MSDN subscription. It’s the best $250 you could ever spend. It gives you access to every product MS makes for “testing and development” purposes. With this subscription you can play with all the major players like Exchange Server, Terminal Server, Active Directory etc etc. etc.

      There is no substitute for actual experience in the work place but an MSDN subscription can really help you bridge the gap.

      You might also want to look into some of the MS certs like MCITP. I think this is the one that replaced the MCSE. I got an MCSE back in NT 4.0 and quite honestly it has helped me more than any other cert. Even if you dont do the certification the books and literature are pretty good.

      I’ve been living in this arena for a long time, feel free to ping me with any questions.

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      Thanks a lot I already have access to msdn thought my uni so I got most of the software. I think I have mess about with it in Vm and see what I can break 😛

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      Have got some old course notes (about 3 years out of date) lurking round somewhere on my storage that may be of some use to you.
      If I can find them i’ll upload them onto my online storage as soon as my home broadband gets connected and i’ll pm you the link.

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      It’s a little dated now, and more Linux specific, but Linux System Administration kind of walks you through seeing up your own server on the internet. It’s for and older version of Debian, and some things have changed, but it’ll get you on the ground, and you can research the changes.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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