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    Hey guys,

    I know of several great VM’s for System and Web application hacking, but I was curious if there were any emulators or VM’s that had Network based challenges?  I have GNS3, and I’ve used it from time to time.. but it loves to act up, and I would prefer something I could explore more 🙂

    As always, thanks for your help 🙂


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    GNS3 is a front-end GUI for dynamips/dynagen, so if the problem is GNS3 itself, you may be able to get around that by working directly with the command line/text configurations. That’s the closet thing I know of, unfortunately.

    Your best will be snagging some used gear on eBay or somewhere else. You can get a lot of functionality for fairly low prices.

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    I didn’t know that about GNS3.. that actually sounds fun 🙂

    Also in regards to the VM’s.. I remember reading/hearing about a VM scenario that was an emulated network in a box.. but I can’t remember what it was!

    Thanks for your reply! 🙂

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    This site has some pretty decent prices for network equipment:


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    If you’ve already got a virtual environment for your server/app lab set-up take a look at Vyatta’s open source edition.

    They’ve got some fairly powerful network kit available as virtual images. I’ve got one running as a router handling the core of my lab environment without issue.

    If you’ve got some experience with other network kit (Cisco et al) it should be fairly intuitive to pick up.

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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the replies – I have been looking into them all.

    @andrew I actually downloaded Vyatta a while back, and started setting it up. I had to stop because I was working on another project at the time – but I think it’s time to revist that. 

    I don’t have a budget unfortunately for purchasing equipment, so everything would have to be Virtualized.

    Thanks again for all the great responses! =)


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