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      I am looking to configure the Nessus scanner to scan for the below vulnerability.

      Any local user should have passwordrequired “yes”

      C:Net local user guest /passwordreq:yes.

      Kindly suggest for the configuration part on same.


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      I’m not entirely clear what you’re trying to achieve here, but I assume you mean:

      1. You want to audit a Windows machine to ensure that the ‘guest’ account has a password set? (btw the command is [net user guest | findstr “Password required”])

      2. You want to use Nessus to perform this audit?

      Is there any particular reason why Nessus is required for this?

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      Yeah…i want to audit through Nessus scanner…for the local user accounts like guest

      usually through commandline for every local user “password required =yes” should be configured as per the security guidelines of our organization..being an administrator i need to audit through nessus tool across 20K machines.

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      Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer can probably accomplish this as well. It can be used via cmdline and scripted to run on a schedule job. It can also be dumped to default reports within MBSA or you can dump it to an text file. Not sure if it is delimited since I haven’t run it in a while. Back in Nessus you can check if the account is disabled using a credentialed scan. Guest is disabled by default so if you find devices with it enabled, then you probably have a bigger problem on your hands. With the size of your network I would hope there is no legitimate need for that account to be active on local workstations. Here is an article from Tenable on properly setting up a credentialed scan:

      Good luck!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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