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      Need a little help. My friend has got his laptop stolen. By any chance can we locate the same on the internet if the system comes online. He has the Laptops IP and serial number. Also can we point the exact location for the same?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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      If the laptop has a trucking software yes, otherwise thre is not way to locate it.

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      That’s right, the only way to track it is when there is a laptop tracking software installed on the stolen laptop. I personally use LocateLaptop as stealing is one of the major issues here in our place.

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      The only other way that you’d be able to locate it is if the system had some kind of dynamic DNS software like dyndns. When the system comes back online, the domain name that’s associated with the account will get updated with the new public address and then you can track it back to a general location.

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      As an alternative to commercial tracking software, you can make a script to email you whenever it boots with the IP address it receives from

      Of course that is for your new laptop. Sorry dude, your old one is history.

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