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      Hi guys, I need your advise regarding Linux. How much Linux do I need to know in order for me to become a good Blue team practitioner? I got this course where the basics of user and group management is included as well as Hard Drive management. Please advise.

      Thank you.

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      Hi, In fact, if you know this basics of operating systems, you should consider working remotely. I would recommend for those looking to start working from home to use remotehub for that, as it lists job offers from anywhere in the world. Finding a remote job is a good way to start a career if you’ve just graduated. Thanks.

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      I would say a lot of people want to learn the Linux language which is one of the difficult languages for the people who do regular study in college. I have some of the best advice through the options where essay maker of written content is available with the writing options in a good way.

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