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      For those that are interested in taking the OSCP course/exam, I have written a review about it. I am also more than happy to answer any questions (within reason) about it.

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      Don Donzal

      Congratulations and nice writeup. Although challenging and definitely proves one’s skills, OffSec hasn’t updated this course in a while. How do you think it applies to today’s InfoSec/PenTest landscape?


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      Excellent question.
      The course does have a lot of out dated software (Windows XP/2003) etc, but the labs have some newer OSes on it. There are a few Windows 7 boxes out there and newer Linux variants. I would like to see them add more Windows 8, Server 2008, 2012, and newer *nix.

      It would definitely be nice to see newer stuff in the course, but this course is just the beginning and really just to get you some exposure into penetration testing. Its designed to get you thinking… and finding solutions the lab machines as well as what to document and report.

      Penetration testing is as much about reporting, as it is breaking in to machines.

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      Congrats, and as don noted, nice writeup! Way to stick with it, and prove to yourself that you could do it.

      I probably missed it in another thread, but… what’s next? 😉

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      My VCP is up for renewal next month… so ill work on that… after that… focus on finishing my masters degree, which is in IT/Cyber Sec. I graduate in May. So after that I will be going after CISSP.

      Hoping to start a side company this summer doing pen testing locally etc. See I can truly do this.

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